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Single Close Construction Loans
Up to 90%* Financing
Local Maine Lenders

*Subject to credit and private mortgage insurance (PMI) approval

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Get pre-qualified today!

  • Select the pre-qualification option when you start the application. For property type, select existing home.
  • This process will ask you to enter a Purchase price and Loan amount. Please enter the acquisition cost (cost of land + cost to build) as the purchase price. The loan amount will be 90% of the purchase price. Loan Amount=Purchase Price x .90
  • Please do not enter a street address for the subject property. A street address should only be entered when you have a specific property in mind and a fully executed contract with a builder

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Land Loans

Still in the hunt for the ideal land to build your dream home? We’re not only here for your construction loan but can also assist you in purchasing the perfect piece of land. Let’s work together to make your dream home a reality, from selecting the right land to the construction phase.

About Land Loans

General Contractors

Maine Savings requires a signed Construction Loan Contract between the member and the contractor that outlines the total construction cost to ensure a transparent and informed approval process for the construction loan.

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