Savings Goals

Setup savings goals and track your progress.

Looking to take that much needed vacation with the family? Is your vehicle getting up there in mileage and you know you will need a new car soon? 

Whatever your savings goals are, our new SAVINGS GOALS widget can help get you to your target goal. 

How easy is it?

  1. Open the SAVINGS GOALS widget (available July 20th)
  2. Hit the + icon to add a new goal.
  3. Select the savings account you would like to deposit your money into (you can add multiple savings goals).
  4. Select a savings category (auto purchase, bills and taxes, charitable donations…)
  5. Give your goal a title, goal amount, and target date. 
  6. Create your goal.

The widget will calculate how much you need to save per week or month to hit your target goal. From here you could even setup auto payments to your savings account each week, month, or when you get paid. 

We hope this new feature will help you take control of your money and achieve those desired milestones.