Personal Budget

Track your purchases and expenses by setting up a personal budget. 

You can now keep track of your expenses through our Budgets widget. When you understand and track where your money is going, you can make sure you’re not overspending each month. You might be shocked where your money goes when you’re not looking!

How does the Budgets widget work?

  1. Add your income (paycheck, rental income…)
  2. Add your expenses (auto & transportation, bills & utilities…)
  3. Add a budget figure
  4. Account transactions can auto categorize or you can set the category for an individual transaction. Example: If you went to McDonalds you can set the category to “fast food” and the system will add any transactions from McDonalds to the “fast food” category.
  5. Track your total budget and see in what categories you overspend, underspend, or stay on budget. 

Staying on budget can have huge rewards such as achieving your money goal deadlines. Use our new Savings Goals widget and Budgets widget to control your money however you wish, stay on track, save more, and hit those savings goals!