Pay Bills

Pay bills and deposit funds all in one place.

Paying bills is not a favorite pastime for most. That is why we have enhanced this feature so you can get your bills paid easily and conveniently.

You will now be able to pay bills from other checking accounts linked within your digital banking. No more transferring money from one checking account to another to cover your bills. Simply select the available checking account within the Bill Pay feature you want the bill to be paid from.

Easily search for a biller from your billers list or add the account information for a new biller to send funds to. You can set up recurring payments, set reminders to alert you when bills are due, and enroll in eBills to eliminate paper bills coming to you in the mail.

Use Popmoney to easily send funds to a person or a charity. Your previously paid contacts will be saved making it convenient should you need to send funds to that contact again. You can even set up recurring payments.

Deposit funds

Funds can be deposited into your account in several ways.

Check Deposits are as easy as taking a photo of the front and back of your check and selecting which of your accounts the check should be deposited to.

If you need to move money between your accounts, just use our transfers widget and you will be able to immediately transfer funds into the account of your choice.

If another Maine Savings member needs to deposit funds into your account they can do that easily by doing a transfer in Digital Banking.  To complete the transfer, all that is needed is your last name and the account number of the receiving account. Once the transfer is completed you will see it in your account.