Check Your Credit Score

Check your credit score daily!

You can now check your credit score across all devices. Easily sign up to monitor your credit with our “My Credit Score” widget. 

What does the “My Credit Score” widget offer?

  1. Refresh your score without penalty – You can refresh your credit score every 24 hours to see your most accurate credit score. This is a soft pull which means your score will not be negatively impacted. 
  2. Analysis – You will be able to see what areas of your credit score you’re doing well in and which areas need improvement. The categories you can monitor include credit usage, account mix, credit age, and inquiries. 
  3. Credit lines – You can easily see what credit lines you have and the balance of each. See what credit lines you have active and if you have closed any accounts. In a snapshot you can also see your total outstanding balance on all accounts.
  4. Alerts – Get alerts to be notified when changes occur with your credit or if your credit has been pulled. You will be notified of any key changes on a daily basis. 
  5. Simulator – Do you wonder how that new car loan would affect your credit? Easily add a few numbers into the simulator and see how that new loan could affect your credit. Find out what your score will be if you pay off all your credit cards. What if you miss a payment. All these scenarios can be played out in the score simulator.
  6. Offers – See how Maine Savings can save you money with our special offers. 

This is a powerful tool to keep you informed about your credit. It also offers best practices so you understand the factors that affect your credit score and ways you may be able to improve your score and/or save money.