Business Wires

Unique digital banking functions available specifically for businesses

The wire transfer widget offer convenience, speed, and security. The Business Wires widget has specific roles, accounts, payees, limits, and authorizations available and allows qualified accounts to send out wire transfers. A payee may have more than one account depending on the number of wire payment methods that have been established.

Business Wires allows you to:

  • Create wire payment requests
  • Authorize wire payment requests
  • Set limits

To submit a business wire request:

  1. In the Business Wires widget, select the Classic tab.
  2. Select a Payee from the drop-down list. (Before you can create a wire or ACH, you must create the Payee, either business or person in the Business Admin widget Payee tab. Once you create the Payee, you will need to input the payment information for that payee, including the financial institutions routing number and the payee account number.)
  3. Choose a Funding Account.
  4. The Business name will be displayed in the Company Name line.
  5. Enter the Amount for the transfer.
  6. Select the Delivery By date.
  7. Enter any additional details into the Originator to Beneficiary Info field (optional).
  8. Click Confirm Payment.