Business Admin

Unique digital banking functions available specifically for businesses

The Business Admin widget provides you with the tools to set up, maintain, and manage the various aspects of your digital banking experience. It is the foundation for all other Business widgets, such as Business ACH, Business Wires, and Business Reports. The Business Admin widget also serves as the hub for Authorizations, Payees, Roles, and User Management.


A role is a group of permissions that control the features available to Sub Users. Creating a role is required before you can add Sub Users to the system.


Assigning the permissions to a role will control what users can view, change, navigate, and execute within the system. Users must have permissions defined to access business-specific services.


Limits are assigned at the role level and are calculated separately for each individual user assigned to the role.

Create a User

The Master Users will be able to create new users for the accounts.

Add a Payee

Before a business ACH template or wire transfer can be submitted, you must set up Payees.